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Matthew Feargrieve’s Lifecycle advice for managers

Updated: May 15, 2020

Lifecycle advice for managers

  1. advising hedge fund managers post-financial crisis on offshore liquidity management techniques such as gating, lock-ups and side pockets

  2. assisting manager with negotiation of side terms with US$200m institutional investor, and hardwiring into separate institutional share class; advising manager and fund directors on communication of side terms to other investors

  3. advising managers and general partners on investor relations (remuneration, side letters, new share classes suspension of dealings/redemptions, etc)

  4. advising a UK manager on the restructuring of its investment management arrangements across multiple jurisdictions

  5. advising a Swiss investment advisor with removal of rogue fund manager by means of investor vote; preparation of investor communications, general meeting and court documents

  6. advising managers and investors on “key man” exits, related investor communications, share class restructuring and service agreement renegotiation

  7. advising fund boards on management and disclosure of conflicts of interest

  8. advising fund boards on dealings with manager in connection with remuneration, valuations and investor communications

  9. advising fund boards on management of service providers (managers, advisors and administrators) and on reconciliation of various conflicts of interest

  10. advising fund boards on their fiduciary duties, and on compliance issues, in different fund types in multiple jurisdictions; particularly Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg

Regulatory advice for managers

  1. assisting managers and general partners with regulatory filings and dealings with financial regulators in UK, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Luxembourg

  2. advising managers and general partners on AIFM Directive, and providing gap analysis on their management structures and fund products

  3. advising managers on EU private placement regimes; reviewing sales documentation and providing guidance on distribution restrictions providing managers with compliance training: policies and procedures for conflict management, AML, investor due diligence, etc

Advice for investors

preparing legal due diligence reports for Swiss investment bank on investments into hedge funds and private equity funds; review of offering documents; identification of “red flags” for attention of investor

  1. advising a UK pension fund on its investment in a series of absolute return hedge funds

  2. assisting investor in mis-managed Cayman Islands fund to negotiate redemption of US$20m investment on agreed terms, by means of communications with the fund’s board

  3. advising institutional investor on negotiation of side terms with large UK hedge fund manager; hardwiring of

  4. agreed terms into separate institutional share class in the fund; review of fund documentation and liaising with manager and fund directors

  5. advising investors on manager/general partner remuneration structures (asset/performance fee, hurdle, HWM, etc)

  6. advising investors on their status as “shareholders” in or “creditors” of a fund, according to statutory and case law in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands; considering issues of redemption notice, suspension of dealings, etc.

Matthew Feargrieve has an extensive experience of advising fund managers. Matthew is also a valued member of the boards of investment funds, on which he acts as a non-executive director. Matthew was a partner in some of the leading law firms in the City of London and offshore too. He is qualified as a solicitor and barrister in the UK, and as an attorney in the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Learn more about the work of Matthew Feargrieve here. Read more about Matthew Feargrieve legal news here. You can also follow the Matthew Feargrieve‘s Linkedin page here.

You can also Matthew Feargrieve’s video here:

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