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Matthew Feargrieve

Investment Management Consultant- Profile

About Matthew Feargrieve 
Matthew Feargrieve Investment Management specialist joins law firm Withers LLP for European investment funds in Zurich Switzerland

Matthew Feargrieve is an Investment Management Consultant. He advises finance and investment management professionals in the areas of investment management, asset management, wealth management, investment funds and financial services.


Matthew Feargrieve specialises in advising managers of investment funds in all asset classes and across all strategies in the investment management sector, from retail funds, to alternative funds, to private equity funds, and domiciled in all of the key investment jurisdictions of the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Delaware (US) and the Cayman Islands.

Matthew Feargrieve assists fund managers with all aspects of the  establishment and maintenance of their investment vehicles, including domicile choice, fund- and management- vehicle structuring, liquidity management and investor relations. 


In addition to specialised investment management solutions and services, Matthew Feargrieve also provides general support to investment management professionals and vendors.    ​


Matthew Feargrieve investment management specialist is appointed by law firm Withers LLP Zurich Switzerland
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